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Sharing is Caring.

Sharing is Caring


Selfishness is the order of the day and with that we will not have a true friendship.
Many do not understand the important of friendship and how much extra joy and happiness that can add to our life.
They find materialistic things are more important for them than a good relationship and do not really know what are missing because they have never have a real friend.
Those who doesn’t have real friend will never be able to give and receive, thus their life is lonely, or at least not can be joyful.
Friendship is to give respect and get it back but if we only think of our own then it is almost impossible to have a good friendship.
They only want to receive everything but to give something back is too much and unnecessary for them in their opinion, but they forget that we are all equal with the same rights.
Rich, poor, intelligent or dumb people play no role in here but the loyalty to each other is what it counts.
Friendship is honor and appreciate with care for each other no matter good or bad times.
Sharing and caring will build the respect for each other and a closer bond can be arisen where both be better off together in a joyful and pleasant cooperation.
Support and cheer for each other so when something occurs in our life that we have no control over ourselves, our friends can ease the pain by their presence and caring.
This is something every person need but not everyone has it in them and can give, if it is so then our world would be much more pleasant for living.
Sharing and caring for each other will give peace so it is better not to disturb the order.
Misunderstanding give bad effect for the community thus we will find ourselves lost the place in there.
With Caring and sharing can always forgive all these problems.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen ‎
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