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Snakes the King Cobra.

Snakes the King Cobra.


We can not understand them.
And also not intervene.
And let them also you do not bite.
They are as dangerous as a lion.
You see now the King Cobra also has poison in the offing.
If the bite does not effect the poison will kill You.
And You in sacrifice to the gods.
Or are you his meal.
Also, they are as quick as an eel.
They can quietly wait for their prey.
And then hit with a speed without mercy.
It will only make you heart to have a shock.
Demonstrate better away from it.
Before you know it, the snake watching You.
Peeking at you to kill and conquer.
For you are the danger in their minds.
And nature has it in his power.
Before you know it is your last night.


Think about approaching animals.
They are unpredictable as they thought to be in danger.
Know where to begin.
Before it is too late and the ship sinks.
The speed of an animal is unbeatable.
And certainly will bring no good for You.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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