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So be Different.

So be Different.


Many differences there are in life.
Why can not anyone just explain.
You would have to store too much information.
That would be the statement in your brain can not process.
Difference in race, money, color, thick, thin, and large or small.
We should all be glad that we are here and life.
What else was there to see and still going on.
How we look Has nothing to do with it how we are.
Has anyone that’s in the eye or do we not see that.
Everyone needs to eat and also to the toilet.
And who does not steal or inherit should also work to death.
We let ourselves too much dominated by people with a big mouth.
Must integrate and adapt in a society with differences.
Discrimination when applying for a custom job.
Should take care of everything and always thinking about tomorrow.
Would like to change everything but can not handle that.
Only on this earth that is also not exist without worry.
Unites the things what we want to change and there is more fun.
We cooperate with each other and for each other.
That would be the solution.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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