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Sometimes It is Better Late than Never.

Sometimes It is Better Late than Never


When we are young, we all have dreams about future, but as time passes, we may not been able to make this become a reality.
We have the capabilities for different things and the ability to perform it, but there may have a few wishes that we still could not fulfill it now.
There are many changes over the years, also the thoughts about our life but certain things from childhood will always remain in our memory.
Until perhaps after years, the possibility may arises that we are able to turn our dream from the past into a reality.
And at that time we might be having the uncertainty, because we think that we are too old to start something.
Because we already have several other activities in our hand and thereby having doubt to even begin with it.
Perhaps its no longer fit into our lifestyle or we already have new family members that deserve our attention more.
It was a dream for us when we only a kid and it’s never happened because there was no possibility for make it real on that time, but now everything is possible!!!!
Our wishes and dreams have no expiration date, so why should we restrained ourselves and not let it become true.
We are never too old to learn something and almost nothing is being tied to a physical disadvantage by age.
Never stop to pursue and to let our childhood dream become true, and when it really turns into a reality, we will welcome it with joy.
It’s better late than never so it is always possible for us to achieve anything in reality from our past thoughts.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Sometimes It is Better Late than Never

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  • Posted: January 24, 2014 18:09

    Linda Herlindawati

    It's true, great words and beautiful pic, Thanks Jan Jansen! Good morning & Happy Friday.... !!!
  • Posted: January 24, 2014 18:14

    Linda Berg

    Love these words, and totally agree... Thank you very much my dear wise friend
  • Posted: January 24, 2014 18:16

    Terry McMahon

    I was late for procrastinators anonymous
  • Posted: January 24, 2014 18:18

    Robin Davidman

    Very nice poem and picture, Jan! Thank you!
  • Posted: January 24, 2014 18:19

    SU Supajaree

    Thanks for good quote .have a wonderful day Jan
  • Posted: January 24, 2014 18:20

    Lynette Cairns

    I have to agree Jan thank you.. Have a good day lovely photo
  • Posted: January 24, 2014 18:26

    Edi Chilson

    Very inspiring and so true. Thank you for sharing, Many blessings to you.

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