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Sounds like music to the ears.

Sounds like music to the ears.


Your voice is music to my ears.
I can hear a whole day.
Especially if you are going to whisper in my ear.
Your voice gives me that feeling of reverence.
Where did you learn all this.
Because your words are not wrong.
I melt like ice in the Sun.
When I hear Your gentle voice.
The inner sense of what it gives to me.
Give my strength to burn.
And my body to be heated.
Those sweet words You tell my.
Are those real ?
Often I take you tenderly in my arms.
So my heart is pounding with desire.
When You start talking to my.
Have you intending that and you’re happy.
Warm the words I need to hear.
So free in my ears.
Or should I after pay an expensive price ?
Because I from the beautiful sound will go astray.
Is that what is in your thoughts.
But then you have to wait more long.
I already lost me money.
So that I Your will not tempt.
My heart and love I can give You.
But why are you no more so adept.
Everything I had in my mind.
You pulled away with a great power.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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