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What if we went somewhere wanted to get entertained but we ended up with a feeling of dissatisfaction.
Then actually our day has already been ruined and we are started to think about a better tomorrow.
In our minds it was better to stay at home than going to the wrong place.
But that’s not good for our social life and inner feelings because we can change ourselves among people and then we make new friends.
When there are too many people around us, we also can get bored so we rather go for the tranquility.
But almost everyone love spectacular cabaret shows or movies.
It can make our day and we forget the sadness, then we will be equal with another persons more relaxed and happier.
Wow,  that was spectacular what we have seen, that they dare to do this and what do You think they must do in advance to achieve for that beautiful show?
Yes we are often not realizing how talented the creator of the show to include the right actors in script written for that show.
Their invented stories are eligible to classify everyone’s role to play with all effects and stunts using their respective knowledge providing the audience and viewers with a spectacular show and a value for their money.
Much respect goes to the knowledge of organizing the spectacular story that can give many of us a great day.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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  • Posted: May 27, 2013 18:25

    Wasana KongsaKulsup

    Thanks ka Jan, we have perceived the thrill of the show ,sometime life is a performance ,are both excited sadly and happy, when we live in a society with many people, we will show anythings..I had go to Phuket I look Simon Cabalet show, this me think that life is a play by play of the show,...I like your poem it a valuable of my mind.

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