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Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold.

Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold.


These words are becoming more in our society.
Everyone is going to be his own way and no longer interfered with another.
On the street or around, people know each other’s name anymore.
They greet each other anymore and find social contact is no longer important.
If something happened that is wrong or not good.
They look at it and turn their head away as if nothing happened.
Your own involvement in cases where you have nothing to do at this time is not good.
Can you give only more problems.
The fellow is very aggressive and belligerent in modern times.
You own not want to interfere is therefore the best.
You also lost a lot of time.
And you better spend itself for better things.
Because of respect or gratitude is also something we see less and less.
Much dissatisfaction among the people to see.
Are they no longer agree with many things.
And then it is better to keep your mouth shut.
And your own plan to withdraw and leave.
Stand up for something and say your word is no more appreciated.
Does the new generation of people only creates more problems.
So your own life and not interfere with anyone is a wise choice.
And follow the proverb Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold.
A wise choice, and I like platinum.
But have much respect for the person who stands up for others.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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