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Sometimes things happen in your life that you can not have a single word to say.
You’re shocked and speechless.
Stalled with a mouth full of teeth and can speak no more one word.
There is a situation arise or occurred which even You are surprise.
It’s just become too much and you Can not find the right words.
The signals to your brains may just not Processing fast enough .
Frustrated looking for the right words to you because it’s all going too fast.
You just took a deep breath and recovering from the shock. 
Then you try to talk in a responsible and transparent manner.
The speechless moment is over but you still can not put it into the good words.
And it would have been better still just shut Your mouth.
You stay Speechless but you want your voice to be heard.
Nobody can translate the words that comes out from Your mouth
There is some laughter and looked to You and of course also thinking on You.
There you stalled and speechless again.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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