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Stay Close to My Heart

Stay Close to My Heart


Honey what shall I do without You to go further in my life.
My whole life is only based on being with You.
I’m going to sleep with You so we can wake up together every morning.
When I dream, I dream only of You.
You are the one that can let my blood in my veins to flow faster.
The beauty which only exist in my dreams is you.
I need you by my side every day so that you can understand me with all my weaknesses.
So please do not stab through my heart and stay close to me.
Let us cherish our desires with sweet words and affection.
Be faithful to each other for the rest of our life.
That’s not so hard to promise with each other when there is love in our hearts.
I want You to believe nothing else because you’re everything for me.
You are the perfect partner in my life I hope you can have the same feeling too.
Then our hearts can stay closer together for the rest of our life.
There is no one else in my life who love me more than You can give.
I’ll take good care of you and I keep thinking like this every new day.
Darling please stay close to my heart forever, that’s the only thing I expect from you.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Stay Close to My Heart

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