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Stay for Your Rights.

Stay for Your Rights.


More and more people are standing up for their rights.
Because everyday life get only worsens.
And everyone become bolder and harder against each other.
Life is not getting any better and violence is the order of the day.
People are becoming less agree with each other and stand up for their rights.
Everyone seems a little stressed by the economic situation.
Things can no longer be paid and the sparrows fall dead from the roof.
But is this all be so wise?
Is not it better to support each other and work hands together stabbing in .
Talk about things together and organize.
Unity is strength or are we saying that we are forget this proverb ?
Together Strong is the only solution now in an economic crisis.
Be sweet and nice to each other and treat each other better.
It is better the cake to share then not to have cake .
Jealousy and envy what we have there with?
Can we  buy a loaf of bread with it ?
It is better to work in an honest way.
Similarly, we can build a good future.
With a long life and maintenance in the offing.
Or the people now that not see.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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