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Strong People Avoid the Battle and so to Win.

Strong People Avoid the Battle and so to Win


Aggression is the order of the day, and it is increasingly common in the world.
Looks like nobody want to speak normally ,  they can’t see anything good or give a friendly greeting, but when there is something wrong,  they directly take actions.
People rather pay more attention to criticize than to having a friendly communication with each other.
Problems is only for stupid people with most of their opinion, because whatever you go in, there is always loss because of some quarrel or problem.
It’s nicer to be in a public place with unfamiliar people and then make friends with a smile and good feeling.
And then saying hello somewhere within walking distance but nobody reply anything back so just sit down to look and see anybody has come walk in.
And if You look wrong, they can look back at a time and start to ask what you want or is there something going on.
1. Intelligent answer : No, nothing wrong but the weather outside is so damn good or bad.
2. Only just read in the newspaper about a fight with a fatal outcome by senseless violence.
3. Two losers  and the other is one is being sentenced for years in prison.
4. I wish you have a nice day and good health.
5. There are still  few places for sitting, standing or lying down.
6. A real winner are smart enough to avoid the battle and win .


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Strong people avoid the battle and so to win - Easy Branches

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