UA-33449711-5 Success will Not Happen Overnight, it takes Time and a Great Planning. - Jan Jansen

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Success will Not Happen Overnight, it takes Time and a Great Planning.

Success will Not Happen Overnight, it takes Time and a Great Planning


How easy to hear this beautiful words but the reality is totally different.
In order to perform in life, we must make a lots of effort in advance to see the real results.
There must be a lot of training or hard work involved with a good planning to prepare for complying on the structure of the scheme if we really want to achieve something.
Our standard of living also must be fully customized with good sleep and eat regularly.
The work or training hours will also be a part of the schedule to perform, because it is going to be hard to go in front of our competitors.
And there will be a precision to follow up on schedule even though we will not always be performed with pleasure, sometimes it give defects or optimal effort to us.
But we need to achieve this by repeating this every time.
In order to complete the puzzle , we have to work or train in a full force.
Strong foundation together with our own commitment can surely achieve for a greater result.
A bigger success can be shown with good foundation more than what we achieve by our own commitment.
We can only achieve success if we follow a good plan which is well constructed and  improvements will only occur after our commitment.
So we can show that our planning are successful.
Over time and efforts after many nights of hard work,  we can show the results.
Time is precious and we must work hard for success because it will never come to us in a short time.
Once each success is achieved with a victory then we have to work or train harder for heading to the next victory.
Because Your success is our victory and every victory is our success.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Success will Not Happen Overnight, it takes Time and a Great Planning

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  • Posted: July 21, 2013 14:03

    Lorita Prejoles

    hi jan... so nice words... very true... good morning.. happy Sunday.
  • Posted: July 21, 2013 14:04

    Cheryl Molencupp

    our so right, but I had two self motivated businesses and I worked and planned and was grateful for the success I worked so hard for. Even Holidays.. Then God thru me a curve ball and I realized that all that work meant nothing, if I was going to be sick with Ovarian Cancer. God showed me what real success is, and it's not the way I was taught or what Dale CARNEGIE classes taught me. I learned that money isn't important if you are not healthy and if you are to busy for friends and family. Success for me now is enjoying my life and taking the time to live and smell the roses:) Thank you Jan Jansen, You have a blessed day and I promise I will as well... xo Cheryl
  • Posted: July 21, 2013 14:05

    Jessica Acub

    Be patient ,sacrifice work hard,,lenient and trust , self confident have Faith in God what so ever you have in your life, must be contented, success is ur's and victory to all who is doing good for every one. Thank you Sir Jan. Happy Great Sunday .2 u!
  • Posted: July 21, 2013 14:07

    Khalid Akhtar

    Its true Jan ~ The road to victory may be tough but its worth giving a try rather than watch like a spectator.
  • Posted: July 21, 2013 20:24

    Natthikorn Nakchu

    Yeah Jan,that right Success will Not Happen Overnight ,To be successful should have three elements to this.Vision,Orderly(discipline) power in itself (passion) Very Nice poem, Nice pic.thanks a lot Jan for alway share to me.

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