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Sunset be the Sea.

Sunset be the Sea.


We can it not grap nor reach.
We can enjoy it for hours until he disappears.
Relaxing in the heat for a brown color.
Red as it will take too long and your skin feels like fire.
That is the way of pure nature with no plan when he will come.
But we can plan when the sun comes up to there to enjoy the day.
A fun day make it so that we us entertain.
Wait until the end so we again see the sun disappear.
The sunset is something very beautiful to see.
He disappears behind the blue clouds.
Aloft all the waves from the sea into nothingness.
During dinner we are sit watching, where is he now.
The twilight of the evening comes to meet us.
The sunny day is now gone and the night is coming.
We are going back again to our home .
The fun day comes to an end and its where fun.
With a great time that we had well prepared.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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