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I did not believe it at first.
Why have you deceived me.
What have I done.
In my mind I see you anywhere.
You are a part of my life.
I want to give You all my love.
What should I do now with it.
My life stay still on this moment.
I can not think anymore.
And do not know what life can give me now.
You showed me fall into a deep valley
That’s the best of all.
Trust and love I have for you.
Have you taken away from me and taken away.
Where should this now too suffering.
I can not rid myself.
You have now closed my heart and hurt.
I can not stand before You now.
And I trust in you show.
I can now only dream of it.
What have you done to me.
Because I can see you now no more longer stand in front of me.


Think good in life.
Before you make a decision.
It can give you much trouble.
That Another will never forget.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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