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Tattooing many would swear not to do.
And many for it to do for some reason a drawing on their skin.
For me no problem , if someone like to do it.
Some  person has a tattoo because of certain emotional value in life.
Some are affiliated with a group and it is quite normal.
Many tattoo on your body it also seems look like quite a story.
With many colors and figures would be similar to nice structures on the wall.
You can look hours at it and try to understand it .
Everyone has their own reason for it to do.
And it also costs quite a bit of money and time.
And then hopefully you will not regret have after , because it is difficult to remove.
Once done it is not to wash it off and you can let it lasering with a lot of pain so that’s no fun.
A person what do this has before good thought about the design and colors.
The combination of the way it should happen that is what I want.
Put also one too on my buttock and also one there , and also even just one more.
And that line by just pulling up to on my middle with these colors in processed.
Ohh I see now that the space is still limited.
But do not worry the person who can tattoo.
As an artist born and who can make something beautiful of the drawing on Your body.
Can magic with colors and figures, and just draws freehand.
You can hardly believe it but why he stay not in the newspaper.
With respect he brings to an end and all drawings fit easy together.
Would almost come to not believe it how he gets it done.
It is a gift for the art and design that you see on the body.
If he has done this gives this the human again hope.
You will be proud to watch it and enjoy it every time.
Because it is the end for you and does no more pain also very soon.
Two people are philosophers and honored again and have learned something.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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