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Tears to close.

Tears to close.


Tears in everybody’s life.
Whether it is of joy or sorrow.
Of joy or beaten dejection.
Tears are part of Mother Nature.
Sometimes we can conquer them.
But can also burst into tears.
At the moment that our feelings it is no longer be possible to able .
These are the best moments in life or the worst.
Fortunately, everyone have it.
And we are not only at that point.
And everybody have that moments in life.
But this are moments that a long time in our thoughts continue to play.
And we can also constantly busy with it in mind.
Without that we have an opportunity to think about other things.
This issue or event is number 1 in our thoughts.
That can be positive and negative.
Because it affected our lives dramatically at that time.
For other things, our thoughts do not have time.
And you can not life like you’re used every day.
Very get confused and send the day in a different direction.
You forget things to do and perform.
You are completely upset.
And can be a black page or a page with the best story.
In your life have been on that particular moment.
It is the time to enjoy or to sit in the pit.
The best or worst time you can use in life.
Because life is hard enough.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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