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The Beach

The Beach.


It is there beautiful and there is much wind.
Giving you peace of mind and find peace.
What you face gives a warm feeling.
The warm sand at your feet and the people that your greetings.
All that warmth around you let the goodness in the human to believe.
The waves of the sea let you hear separate sounds.
The rays of the sun make gives your skin a color.
Walk on the beach and do not know what will happen.
Jumping into the cold water through the burning sun.
I did not even know it was possible before.
If I walk I see birds and blue clouds.
Dogs and crabs running on the sand.
Jellyfish and fish in the water when I see around me with snorkeling gear.
All those colors and shapes under water let you think of other things.
And would you want everyone to enjoy , some fish along with many colors.
The coral and rocks all together only a camera can confirm what I see.
It’s too good to be true you would think so.
But my own eyes seeing there you can trust on.
It is an experience that can make you happy and not expensive.
Nature can show you all this and make your body tired.
And you’ll live again flourish with new sense and courage.
That certainly does for each well good.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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