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The Clown.

The clown.


The clown hang out, can everyone in his own way.
Everyone can aim and laugh and cry.
But not make any money with it only pleasure..
It’s a funny sight and gives you lots of fun.
The laugh muscle does not stand still at the stupid tricks.
And the kids have a great time enjoying themselves.
They can not control himself and laughing around.
For what the clown does is not healthy.
He makes us laugh with his beautiful face.
And blowing balloons and turns them around your face.
The results that we see is for to cry and smile.
But crying with laughter where he let us see.
A good clown is only for the rich.
They can pay him and go get a ticket.
It’s a good show to experience.
Your feelings will surely improve.
A pleasure and fun and the things around play no role.
It is a separate presentation and the person is very smart.
For these things to think about the people to let clap and cheer.
And entertainment to increase so that the atmosphere is correctly installed.
That is the job of a clown make people laugh.
With jokes and a lot of fooling around.
But it was better when we were all clowns.
Then there was more laughter and we had a better life.
In order to give to each other.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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