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The Continued Flow of Babies is the Nature in Motion

The Continued Flow of Babies is the Nature in Motion.


Without nature we would not live and remain on this earth, everything must remain in balance for give the best to us.
Many ignore the nature and find other things more important than taking into account our nature and destroy without thinking about it, that’s it their own existence.
Mother Nature in all its landscaping trees and plants that ensure new oxygen is in the air with scents and colors and were can grow food on.
Some people forget just how important it is outdoors and that the existence of which is to keep everything in balance, reckless deal with it can have harmful effects.
In the long run it may be almost inevitable that it not should go wrong with the pace of nature become redeemed for construction projects or highways.
Forests and jungles are cleared for profitable projects without a plan where all the animals that life there have to go or a chance to get a further life.
Companies are getting bigger and more elaborate designs so there will not be any more land left to us to provide supplies of food for the population.
So our relatives will soon no longer get natural but imitation food something that seems to taste the same and is that our future?
The world population grow every day there are still more people born than die by the proper health and medical facilities.
But that will also change in the future as we so keep going with no respect having for Mother of Nature and not cherished it.
The experience of nature in this way will not bring much good in the world where more and more people come and everyone must eaten, where does it come from?
But if we continue to destroy nature and build with bad exhaust of factories which there are more pollutants in the soil and air after it will be no longer possible eating natural nutrients through a feeding ground with toxic substances.
The continued flow of babies is the nature in motion, but where will soon for all our bereaved obtain the necessary food comes from when nothing more can be rebuilt?


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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The Continued Flow of Babies is the Nature in Motion 11 June 2015

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