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The correct Path.

The correct Path.


Many people walk on roads and paths.
For life to refresh and entertain.
And have many things in their minds.
Usually things that nobody wants.
By strange places to walk.
They hope to escape the thoughts and avoidance.
But that they have seen wrong.
You can think of other things on the moment.
On everything you see around you.
Your thoughts temporarily relocate.
And nobody can look in Your mind.
It gives you an inner peace.
And after your day can not go wrong.
You have enjoyed and benefited.
And if you thoughts was good , You have also learned.
It gives you that satisfaction that you need.
The moment your mind of other thoughts that You spoiled.
Everything is so delicious to see it around you.
The peace and quiet of your breathing you feel you are not alone.
So you post a good result again with full courage to proceed.
The power and energy, which is composed of cells.
Giving your the courage to realize.
For a good life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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