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The Game of Chances

The Game of Chances


Many of us would like to take their chance especially to try to make some extra income.
Go to the casino to gamble and have a pleasant evening.
Keeping the intensity in mind and only think for to win.
They not think that gambling is more than just taking a chance, but when we lose it can have big consequences on it.
It can also be an addiction or the tendency to get our money quick back.
Usually we want to win back the lost money, but as a result we can lose even more, because of we will or have the chance to lose control.
Every wise man should understand that if we do not have systems to play there, we could lost all we have, because it will make for the casino to win for to cover their running costs.
There is no mercy from the casino if we will loss our cash and there is also not a possibility to return any money to us.
If we are just going to play and start with gambling then the casino will always have more chances than You.
There are also persons players who are not gamblers and only calculate by all the odds to have a chance and win from the casino.
They have worked out entire systems with benefit calculations.
So they only go play a game with an advantage by their higher calculated probabilities.
Especially going to bet when they know from their calculation that will may have more opportunities to win than the casino.
The professional players play and bet only with a profitable and good tactic.
Betting with maximum amounts when the calculated probability only is maximal or with a guaranteed benefit.
Do not risk their money to gamble when the probability is very low.
The professional player know what they are doing and have their own pattern and self-esteem control system.
Play to win but will often be removed by management of the casinos.
All the connected casinos will be informed of that person.
Their first visit in the next casino will be denied for entrance directly after the passport control.
Because casinos are only there to make profits and for let us to lose.
Their formula is authorized to make calculations let us lose it safe for them and we are not empowered for making calculations to win.
The game of chances is not equal with casino owners.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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The Game of Chances 2015

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