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The Kingdom of Animals.

The Kingdom of Animals.


This is the royal couple of the Animals.
They are the leaders in animal life.
But they can also give lots of love to each other.
Therefore, they are the royal couple.
They may take a lot of Love from each other.
But marriage is there not.
Because in an animal’s life no one knows it.
Faithful to each other is not normal.
They just want the benefits and not the burden.
Those lions are not ordinary people.
But it is in animal life.
A relationship takes just a moment.
That is an order of Mother of nature.
Thus, the pure life in the forest.
And for some that is gold.
Gold to enjoy to enjoy.
Over and over other girls.
That is also a certain lifestyle.
But most go for the ax.
Because you can not believe it.
That is something that most men dream about.
But in our lives that should not and is not used.
So for most it’s just a dream.
A dream to wake up to.
And then work on the issue.
Work to continue to live.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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