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The Life.

The Life.


We do not always agree with each other in a relationship.
But that does nothing and is a healthy sign.
Nature knows always a balance in situations.
Love is something that always wins.
The feeling will always have the force and a solution.
The solution to get back with a smile continue.
That smile again someday disappear and return.
On the right and wrong moments.
That’s just life.
Feelings we unfortunately can not control.
And is something that will always overcome from our body.
It is an incurable disease that no have medicine for it.
Our nervous system is also not prepared for it or resistant.
It is something that comes through contact and turns into feelings.
Those no more go out from our thoughts on that moment.
Something but remains in the head.
Your mind on zero is the correct solution
But that is precisely the problem that does not work if too much thought become.
The nervous system to become driven by the wrong feelings.
And converted into discontent and hatred.
This is something you should have together quickly under control.
And talk is the best result for a solution.
Without communication together for sure it go wrong.
And a growing relationship with each other with even more hatred.
By all the thoughts and fantasies that you talking to yourself again in mind.
Things you will see and think that whole not are occurred.
You’re as true a story to create something that not has occurred.
And then it goes all wrong.
Situations arise that can not be verified.
Because there is another image become outlined in your spiritual thoughts.
You touch from the toad, and are mentally unbalanced.
It is too late and would never talk about it anymore.
Let it never come so far and talk to each other.
If you have a relationship which does not get talked about problems.
Then it is a relationship where other things going on.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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