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Many think on the past.
But remember that this time is already past.
Something that never come back as it was then.
The clock is ticking in only one direction and that is not for nothing.
The days, months and years to run only forwards.
Things that happened are and we’ve been doing in the past also going ahead.
Therefore, we can talk about it now and learn from the past.
Look back on good or bad with sorrow or joy.
But we can never turn it back.
We can draw a lesson out of it and thus us improve.
The time we have invested in the past it will never come back.
But there is still plenty of time to improve our lives.
This is an opportunity that we every minute of our lives can tackle.
With both hands and with full understanding and knowledge.
Forget the bad things from the past and think only of the future.
That’s the only thing that is real and positive.
If you do good to another ,You also meet get good people.
And the past will not haunt You.
In life You get what You deserve.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


The Past

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