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The Roots in your life.

The Roots in your life.


You are born and not understand it all.
In the beginning you see absolutely nothing.
After three months you begin to look around you.
And you begin to enrich what you see.
But you do not understand.
Mama and Papa talk but the choices are without understanding.
Because You do not have feelings for it.
The years pass and you begin to understand everything.
Your body begins to form and to place everything in life.
Those things that Papa and Mama have given to You.
Where you have listened and did not obscures.
Properly stored in your memory.
For much joy and not pain.
All monitoring will be better for you.
You can still better organize and put in a row.
Then you go through life with the people side by side.
Everyone will respect You and remember You.
Especially if you need them or also for a job.
It’s like digging in the meadow together.
As free as a bird and fly around.
Life is so beautiful but do not overdo.
The sun will shine every day in your life.
Everyone knows what you can give them.
Honesty and Respect important things in life.
And for sure a long and good life.
Because those are the roots in your life.
Without that it take not long to last.
And you run only against walls.
You can not live with that in peace
It’s better in life to work together to continue.


Much in life you can check for yourself.
And by conducting honest.
Sharing is not bad but just fine.
Something to share where you can be proud.
Look at the tree he gives leaves and seeds spread around.
In years there are many trees around him.
Which protect him from rain and wind.
Without roots in life.
Everything takes not long.
My roots are strong.
They can hurt me but not destroy Me.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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