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The Smart Person.

The Smart Person.


Yes everything in life is that simple.
Especially if you even simply continues like another person.
You can get along with everyone.
And in any survival situation.
You take everything easy and there is also a place in your mind.
In order to convert them into action.
Actions that your life will determine in difficult and good times.
Which strengthen your character and cheer in all situations in life.
You are a simple person equal to everyone.
Everyone respects and everyone can let have its own value.
That value which is so determined is for a good relationship.
Because no mutual respect can never lead to anything good.
At least on a natural basis!!!
But when it comes to business interests and profits.
But a friendship will never ensue.
For the other If you do not respect them , then Your body gives you other signals.
Give respect in life to get respect back.
Those who have no respect in return.
Are they not worthy of a place in your life.


Dear people accept each other as if we are.
Are happy if Your life is better than another.
But give another also respect and do not look down on them.
Many people are born equal in life and have a good chance.
But many are at birth no chance in life.
Be a smart and open minded person and give everyone a chance.
Smart people are not selfish or self-minded and like to share.


And the smart person or the person playing smart.
That is the difference that you must show your fellow man.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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