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The Train

The Train.

It go with a Top speed over the rails.
It is a safe way to move from A to B.
Not waiting for traffic jams or road works.
It is a quick transport to go and also can work on trip or reading the newspaper.

At easely sit and wait until you’re at your destination with a coffee or food.
Unfortunately it is not a cheap trip more, the price for a ticket is on the expensive side.
If you then also from home with the car to the station should go.
The car parking and pay arrived at the destination.
Even further from the station to the place where you should be.
By taxi, subway or other transport to go.
Does it cost a lot of money for a quickly easy ride.
And it takes a long time unnoticed.
But is a nice experience and also a good meeting place.
For other business people to meet and establish contacts.
So it has its advantages that with the car not can be achieved.
If you have an important appointment.
Are you sure of the train and public transport.
In order to arrive in time than with a car on the road.
So you can decide what are the best benefits for You.
And for you to choose what is easiest or the cheapest way.
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen

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