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The Troublemakers.

The Troublemakers

Nowadays we can not harmonious or with all freedom go everywhere.
Some places or environments are no longer more safe to go.
Do not know whether it is enjoyable or what is the ending before we leave for go back to home.
We love the peace but some troublemakers like to ruin the atmosphere.
We go somewhere just to relax and like to have some entertainment and come to rest.
While there are others who like to show that they have prevailed in this vicinity.
At the very moment while we’re having pleasure and enjoy our entertainment with friends or family.
The troublemakers comes and start to annoy against us and our companions.
Whether it is from mischief or jealousy with a certain force on showing the power, it is impossible to determine, and it’s also not funny that it’s must come to this point.
They enjoy it, because they never come alone and would like to prove to each other and see who can show the most guts.
Beverage with alcohol or drugs also usually a substance for them to lose self-control without supervision and restraint.
They never think so far that it may can give them the wrong consequences later on.
Possible a dramatic outcome can waiting for them or their victims when a miscalculated situation is getting totally out of hand.
And thus began with a good day but end out to be a disgusting day because of the troublemakers.
Peace and solidarity with each other is a great possession.
For that we need no troublemakers around us.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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