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Thinking of Tomorrow

You does not worry, you surely will be a tomorrow.
With rain or shine, snow or ice there will certainly be one.
Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow and has plenty of needs and obligations.
What makes you different from your own thinking and a Good Morning to bestow.
You can also just disappear or hope that the Sun is shining.
We count on the best and give no one the very worst.
But we can certainly never tell what tomorrow is going to offer us or forbid.
Everyone wants to progress so today we take a decision what we do tomorrow and it has mostly to do with Money.
The future can not be predicted and health we can not Buy.
But a better life is what we all want that we do not need to scream from the rooftops.
But we need them to operate and give us no easy life.
Everyone has a purpose and is preferably not loss his face.
Of life nobody gets a program.
So the best we make of it.
Success in life is the best I can give you.
Enjoy it now but, because tomorrow …….

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen

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