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This is the Right Moment.

This is the Right Moment


As the years pass by quickly, some people think it is already too late to start something and that they are too old or no longer have enough time.
But we shouldn’t keep thinking in retrospect why we never start it previously, because it’s still never too late for us yet.
We are never too old to learn, and if we do not start something, we will not able to end end it ever.
Always believe in ourselves and begin with something what is liked in our mind, so when the right moment is arriving, we will have a complete excellent feeling about it.
Do not be so conservative or making the reservedly excuses not to pursue our dream at that point, because it will not help for improvements in our life.
Don’t always look for an evasion or escape route but start make a choice to progress in life.
Whenever our sense dictates, just go ahead and decide to do it.
Perseverance is the only thing we need and whenever there is a good opportunity come to us, we should get it done right away.
If we feel ready for it then everything else will just be an afterthought, and we can be fully committed ourselves for that.
Everything we do from our heart will give an excellent sense of satisfaction for us to be succeeded.
Refine and perfecting ourselves with several options will certainly create joy, this will also enhance our wisdom with information and knowledge.
When we realise ourselves that any time is the right moment, give it a chance to increase our skill and feeling to develop and improve on our own to gain the wisdom.
Present, now, immediately, instantaneously, forthwith, instantly, right away, at once, straight, acute, this is the right moment thereby to start.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - This is the Right Moment

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