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To Possess Something is so Difficult, but so Easy to Lose It

To Possess Something is so Difficult, but so Easy to Lose It.

We all have a purpose in our life with a wish and desire to attain something, for some take it years, others can accomplish it more quickly and there are also those who make enough effort to make but never get the chance or opportunity to let it come on this point.
Each one is completely dependent on the circumstances in which they are in with capabilities, opportunities and knowledge that is needed, in order to succeed a little faster.
Nobody knows what setbacks and obstacles will come on their life path on the way to success or fulfillment of their wish.
We can just go from one surprise to the other end up with both front and adversity, the quitter never accomplish anything and the go-getter will use all opportunities to achieve it.
To catch what is our wish, that can be a road with much sadness and pain, both or with passion because improvements have taken place.
Which can give us a great feeling of pride because we continue to believe that we can do it, are become magnified in reality, because of the odds.
Our interest and readiness skills has only grown to a higher inspiration where the excitement gave ourselves a gain.
Despite our self-esteem increased triumphantly discover and see the progress we have made towards our wish and dream.
Once when we are ready to maintain our desire to be victorious, we are like a king so happy, full of poignant and impressive emotional feelings.
We became the proud owner of a very short or long-term wish that now is fulfilled and it is now a part of our possession, we have managed to achieve it with perseverance and sweat.
On all the way to realize our wish, so much there has happened and passed our revue that we would think it will become more easier.
However, there did we make a mistake, because in that there is now performed a new wish and that is in order to maintain the attain wish for ourselves.
We are now the owner of our wish that we have achieved and that was not easy, but to make it safe now so we can not lose it will be even harder.
Every trivial or ill-considered decision of signs or failure to perform judicial duties of us can make from us a fool or criminal which will end up that our desire is lost again.
Thus will turn our complacency of joy in a waterfall from tears and sadness, because so difficult as it was to own something, so easily we can be stripped of it, by an imprudent policy of ourselves.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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To Possess Something is so Difficult, but so Easy to Lose It 30 June 2015

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