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To the Beach.

To the Beach.


On the beach there is much joy.
Because you do not go out there with rain.
Tasty Baking in the sun with after a red skin that could not stand it.
Swimming, walking and lying on beach or making sand castles.
Are upon sweating on a sunlounger or reading a book in a chair.
These are all of those things you can do there.
Jetski hire and sailing in the sea or surf the waves on a shelf.
Parasailing is what you also can do and all with decency.
Behind a boat hanging on a parachute in the air.
And if it rains all together on the flight.
Dry places look for to shelter.
Or maybe will we all start crying.
Because then comes to an end a great day of fun.
And then there is little more to tell about entertainment.
That is after one rainfall no more possible on the beach.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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