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Come into my arms that I can make You warm.
Conveniently close to me.
I feel so good that you exist.
I feel your heart beating.
You can not lie and not cheat.
Your eyes look at me and you remember nothing of existence.
Also not remember what is waiting for you in life.
Enjoy it because it can only takes even.
I am so happy with you in my thoughts.
And did you have to wait 9 months.
I can spend hours with your cuddle and feel your warmth.
Your body next to me gives me strength and fire.
Your smile makes me much good and gives us prosperity.
The love you give me in order to melt.
it seems like I’m walking on stilts.
high in the sky they look at you.
and I remain your ever faithful.
I will always remain by your side.
in good times and bad.
you are my flesh and blood.
together and doing well.
we will always support each other.


Baby I’m so happy and content with you.
Children the real Love in Life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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