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Together we are strong.

Together we are strong.


Together we can conquer the world.
And much magic with our maginale strength.
Who would ever have imagined that in life.
Where everyone is so passionate.
In order to meet the person even if they have freckles.
That feeling of being able to get everything together and to achieve.
The range in the present to give a good future.
Future for both of us to each other en not see each other is inevitable.
Together we are strong, and be able to share our feelings.
And caressing each other every day on our skin.
Decisions can be taken together and give lots of love.
Who would have thought that now.
We have found each other and have never violated the rules.
The rules for us together hand in hand.
We are the happiest couple in the country.


Follow the rules in life.
Give respect to get respect back.
Anyone who follows this will always be happy.
Patience is something that always wins so you know where to begin.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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