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Trees Avenue.

Trees Avenue.


Trees where all the leaves are gone?
It was so nice and green to all those branches.
Where are all those leaves now remained.
I see now only thick branches that are woven.
It also seems a bit exaggerated up there in that top.
And all these branches follow each other at all.
They stabbing criss-cross through each other and it’s all heavy.
They should also not break, would have succumbed under it.
But here we go not to think on.
That will only hurt the beauty.
I drive through there every day and enjoy it.
Hope spring comes soon.
Then it becomes green again around the branches.
Not good if start this the lumberjack chopping.
Let him go bake better cookies.
Then I can drive again going through the green avenue.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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