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True Love is Keeping the Promise Alive and Never let it Break our Relationship

True Love is Keeping the Promise Alive and Never let it Break our Relationship


Everything we like to do from our heart is with love, especially also in every relationship we have on this earth, without the caring and full attention from our loved ones, our life would have less value.
The concern and self-sacrifice that others have for us with their thoughtfulness and dedication is making our joyful life to become more attractive.
We ourselves possess the feelings that we consider important and attractive for this person, it looks like our place in their life is very distinguished and its seems to be impossible to disposal us out of their mind, so it is eminently for our feelings.
We perceive that our presence has a prominent value in the life of this special person, and this give us an added feeling that our life is more meaningful.
A significantly oscillation feeling is going through us, and we know that we are also a credible person for those we love, because our love is true.
When we are confirming to be with them, and knowing that we are indispensable in their life will brings good feelings for us together, so that our self-confidence can grow with a sense of pride.
Thinking that the love and feelings we have for this personage is mutual, then this will also takes away the big anxiety and stress from us.
The spoken words that followed after will be more significant and this will also being properly listened with rapture attention and a loving smile of joy.
Any promise or verdict done now will have a stronger meaning for a romantic future with the love as a starting point without wanting to offend each other.
Because a promise made with true love in a relationship is never meant to break, and its our commitment to keep everything alive by following up with our spoken words.

Happy Valentine

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - True Love is Keeping the Promise Alive and Never let it Break our Relationship

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  • Posted: February 16, 2015 01:21

    Cindy Capobianco

    Nice easybranches, This is a lovely story about falling in love.. It starts with our attraction and feelings, grows into a wanting and commitment. In the end is Love a decision? I wonder easybranches Easyjanjansen,,
    • Posted: February 16, 2015 10:55

      Jan Jansen

      Thanks Cindy for Your comment , Love is never a decision but a feeling and its in our hands to do something with it if we have the luck that is from two sides, happy week.
      • Posted: February 16, 2015 15:49

        Cindy Capobianco

        Thank You Jan Jansen
  • Posted: February 16, 2015 01:44

    Cindy Capobianco

    True love is keeping the promise Alive and never let it break our friendship.. This is a lovely story about friendship growing into love, Falling in love,, The physical attraction, The connection, the feeling, I wonder then easybranches, Is falling in love a decision?

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