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Trust in a Relation

In the Picture She no understand why her husband have a shock and leave her.

But when we look the picture we all understand it very well.
In a relation there are many things what can happen and the partner don’t know.
Everybody is different with have a different mind this we also must accept , because for find two people what think the same do the same and have the same interest and feelings is very difficult.
We always thinking that we have find the right one , because in the relation we accept many thing for what already is happen and there is no way back only we can accept the past for a happy relation , but inside the body there is something broken and give more distance to your partner but You can not leave , this take time or You accept and forget it.

Changes are not always Improvements
but no changes are never Improvements
Look what is the best for Your Chances
Shards glue is still a wound
Everybody want a better Life
But this You only can Give Yourself to make the right decision.

But what is the right decision ???????

 You know what you have but never know what you get back.

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen

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