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What are you still ugly !!!!!!!
How to get there now ?
Your eyes can not see properly ?
Completely Black yes that’s right !!!!!!!
But how can you now tell me that I’m ugly.
Can you look into my heart then.
Do you know anything about me or do you just an assessment ?
What are you still shortsighted and not so intelligent.
I had you do differently estimated You look so neat.
But it comes back from what I’ve always in my thoughts.
Estimate the people not so as you see them.
It is often different than your eyes tell you.
For you eyes I’m Ugly and You point it to me.
But for another I’m a Beauty and not so important my looks and thinks in the future.
The future where every person his appearance changed and the beautiful are no longer counts.
What is it annoying to have it and most stay together in life.
With the one that counts for the appearance and character Lesson, with many defects.
The defects that life and love go hate .
For appetites were at that time in the past only what mattered.
You was pinning with the wrong thoughts.
Not long were you there to enjoy and it’s like in a haystack without blades, blades that can caress your feelings.
But unfortunately that lasted only briefly.
You were not there with your thoughts and could not wait.
You thought I found it, but after a long time you have been devoured.
Devoured by your past, because now you live in the present.
The kick is that you had before is disappeared.
The courage you before had to accept everything is gone.
Because she is such a fuss and can not communicate.
Every setback follows you every now and rushing through your head.
What have I done in the past but I saw nothing then beautiful people .
I never looked at how they were within their hearts.
And that for me now playing a part in my life.
The past that haunts me what I was stupid not to realize.
That the future where things have changed I have no more control over.
Where I now present you must live without things in the past realized.
Now I realize that I have done wrong.
However, a return path, is no possible to go.


Dear People understand life.
We are all old after.
The beauty that we get given at birth.
Is something that later no longer counts.
The beauty of it is inside our hearts.
And that is our love and joy bidding after.
Broaden your mind and field while you still can do.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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