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Many can not understand.
And want to make different decision in their life.
They regretted of their existence in this world.
And can not take it anymore.
They want to put an end to it.
On that moment they didn’t see that.
If they do this their life will come to an end.
And other peoples beside them can not love them anymore.
Then they also stop for eating and sleeping.
Many people will feel sad for them.
Just think for a moment, make sure you understand it.
There are many people who love your love without you realize it.
They are the ones where you can depends on.
When you’re in trouble.
Together you can solve them even though the problems are so huge.
Put an end to your life will let others suffering in pain.
Everything can be explained and have solutions.
Just find for the right way.
You just have to translate it very well.
And everything comes back on its feet.
Keep thinking in a bad period is all counts.
Or have your parents never teach You this ?
Who have enough experience to stay alive.
They know all those moments still of the past.
And they want to restart a new and better life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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