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Unity will Give Us the Strength in life

Unity will Give Us the Strength in life

Unity will Give Us the Strength in life

Unity will Give Us the Strength in life


Why are there so many different cultures and people in our world?
And there are so many different food dishes and drinks?
So many different topics and to learn about other job opportunities?
With so many different countries and different provinces each with their own traditions.
Everything points to it and seems that it is all destined to bring us together, because we all need each other.
For what one can not have another for learned there and what one does not with another man’s daily work.
What is produced in one country or the other country does not grow and as we are all dependent on each other to lead a life developed.
Only many people on this planet are not yet ready to think and to act as an individual in this society which it actually has an inhibitory effect.
Together we can cast off the brakes and everything will be much better in this world through the collaboration will be more knowledge and increases the opportunities to improve the economy and make adjustments where knowledge is too short.
Everyone is going forward and hence will reduce the lust for power, because there is peace and unity prevails among the populations.
The more difficult to get something for each other to get more interesting it is to create unity among the rulers allowing compromises can be reached where everyone has its advantages.
That creates a great unity and strength to get everything together for each other, because many eyes see more than two and many ears hear more.
No unit disturbs the peace and if everyone is so wise and like a peaceful life on earth wants should be discussed, because it is the unit that gives us the strength and joyful living.
Together strong, united unbeatable.
Never forget that we are strong together and united invincible are, than the sun will always shine for us, because we are never alone to face something.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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