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Our lifes would be very boring if we do the same for everyday.
If there is no variety in our lifes then its become monotonous lot.
We begin to get bored and our standard of life not can be so bright.
A standard life with always to do the same thing that no one can get used to it.
We simply are not machines that can be set for repeating the same each day.
We love variety and to do different things.
That is of course vary for everyone, because we are all different.
We all have different interests and habits, and that’s a good thing.
But together with a partner who has other interests than yours.
That is something so obviously and the same with friends.
Fortunately, there are people among us who are quite varied and adapt quickly.
Throughout interested and make friends easily because of their variety.
Quick discover and obsessed new things to expand as their variety.
Give their life more meaningful by experience a new thing.
Open to everything and want to do adventure for their life.
The variation in their life will be expanding to the extreme.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



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