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There are many type of different victories in life.
A victory is one of the most beautiful moments in life.
At that time the champion triumph victory.
Fortunately, with a sense of pride will gained the glamour.
Prepare for maximum to get this far.
Change Your lifestyle totally to achieve Your goal .
Stay on stage or anywhere else for the honor of receiving it.
Because that is something that also belongs to a reward for performance.
Handle everything emotionally from what happened at that time.
Feelings and emotions are going through your body.
Its difficult for You to realize what happened on that triumph moment.
The eyes from all sides are focused on you with a great interest.
You who have done a great performance and deserve victory.
Many people will direct ask the question on You and want Your answer.
Full of emotions and tears in the eyes You will give them they answer.
Want to be modest but they keep putting the words in your mouth.
Cameras around you make you more nervous than ever.
Everyone wants to hear your words and to know how you have accomplished.
Not knowing what to expect after you give them the answers.
There interest for you grow by the minute.
When everything is over you feel relieved .
And You have enjoyed the beautiful moments after Your victory.
And now You realizes that wins is only for a moment in time.
A moment that makes you the champion.
And that moment was the only time in your life.
For some of us, there are more of those moments.
But each time was a different moment and victory.
The champion in ourselves is a timeless moment.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author by Jan Jansen


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