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Walking together in the Forest.

Walking together in the Forest.


Hand in hand we walk together with each other tenderly.
With demand we walk to our future.
Together there quietly walk in the woods side by side.
Remembering that we stay a happy couple.
No one can give an answer on it.
That is simply a sign of life.
The smells around us are good to smell.
That comes from all those shrubs and trees.
Other sounds we can hear very well.
Of birds and fluttering leaves.
We are so happy together.
I can not think of life without you anymore.
That would only hurt my mind.
You’re so deep in me life.
And would give You all my love.
With you I want to walk further in life.
But I can not read your thoughts.
I can only dream of it.
That we will live long together.
Every day wake up together.
That is for me a good morning.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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