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Water and Nature.

Water and Nature.


Who would now believe that everything comes from above.
Everything you see there now so much water that can not be.
It comes from the mountains , snow and rain.
But why is it comes so hard down.
Can the ground all be against it.
The water comes from the ground.
And scatters it around.
And goes his own life.
It flows so hard and practiced down.
The sound gives you a nice feeling.
And goes for his own purpose.
Look at it, turn You to thinking.
All that nature You can bestow.
If you fall in , it is not much good.
Because the force is not defined to survive.
There you can not swim in.
To liberate or breath taking.
The water is so cold down there.
Stay there just to watch.
And let your eyes but enrich.
Of all the beautiful things you see there.
For to go in there You better not go.
It will take your life.
And you’re immediately disappeared.
Disappeared by the force of nature.
And make someone else’s life miserable.
Because if you’re not around anymore You can this person not spoiled anymore.
And will miss you and think about where you are.
But that is not yet known.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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