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Water Skiing.

Water skiing,


It is so nice to be on the water.
Free as a bird here in the round.
You can do everything its so far and free.
You go to the right or left nothing can happen there.
You have nothing to regret here on the sea.
Because later you sit at the tea cup.
Only hope that no ship can reach you.
Because that will bring you down ironing.
The danger is incalculable.
This speed is a big thrill.
But if something occurs a terror.
A terror to never forget.
It may be break all your bones.
It’s good that you are not at a standstill.
And there are only going for.
The water is everybody’s friend.
But under water better not trust it.
You will not believe what your eyes see you all there.
But it can not spoil the fun.
You take everything you have in you.
And the feeling have You in the grip.
The feeling that someone else You can not give.
Were you but always on the water.


Thanks to the Sea.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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