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If we could Walk on the waves it would be very exciting.
We can enjoy windsurfing with a surfboard.
Lay down on a surfboard and get carried away by the waves.
If You can swim or dive very well , then You can see the beautiful world under the waves.
Look at it is quite an event when the waves are very high.
The waves go to the beach very aggressive and much stronger .
If You will get caught by a subterranean currents then it  can be very dangerous.
The power of the wave can surprised You and also can give You a big shock.
Therefore You must be always careful and know in what circumstances when You enter the water.
During storms or strong winds, it is better not to go into the water.
Better to enjoy for a beach walk and watch for the waves.
It can be very fascinating and is a beautiful experience.
Does not always need to have nice  weather to entertain you at the beach.
Watching the waves make you think of the clouds.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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