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We Start with Nothing and End up with Nothing.

We Start with Nothing and End up with Nothing


Being born is a blessing and to stay alive is an art.
The best time of our lives was when we had no money or assets.
It was the time that we still can have fun and smile every day without worry.
The problems we had were solved by others while we were smiling.
Our parents did everything to entertain and make us laugh.
But that moment will eventually came to an end and we had to take responsibilities by our own.
Must do everything possible to make money and we are willing to do that by looking a job.
Dreams for a good future and also want to achieve it with much pleasure.
Sometimes we forget that every minute in our life can be the last and do not enjoy enough the accumulated capital by our own.
Thinking about the future of our descendants and want to leave a good prospect for them if something happened to us.
Are we very well aware that we are born with nothing and die with nothing, because in heaven there is no bank for saving.
So enjoy life while You can, because when You leave from this world You can’t take anything with You .
Manage Your life so that You can have good fun on the right time.
Follow Your heart and let it beat faster by the things that can give You cheerfulness.
Do not wait until You will be inform that Your end is coming soon to You.
Live as today is the last day, try to surpass yesterday and make a better plans for tomorrow.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - We Start with Nothing and End up with Nothing

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