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Weddings, we can still build on it.
Is it really still be trusted?
Relationships and over again and they all go down.
It does afterwards also very painfull.
Is difficult to process and to accept it.
And we can learn a lot from it.
But is it not true that it’s running all about this.
We go along with each other to show off and a beautiful show.
Then it is better to say Ho Ho.
Then it’s only for fun and pleasure.
But is that the life what You want.
I think so, but not for me.
It is no longer up for grabs.
And I can no longer understand it.
Where it still matters in life.
Can we no more longer give true love.
Or are our characters so different to run.
That we ever again have been drained.
And our own way go on.
But alone is also nothing.
It is difficult to accept.
But a chicken without feathers that’s really also not.
And there is no future in the offing.
What is going on in the world.
Separations on the assembly line.
No longer together hand in hand.


For two people linking together is not easy.
Who have also the same thinking and interests.
Day in and day out with each other at the same place life.
Able to communicate together in bad times.
And also believe in each other.


The times are changing and if you water down the wine can do is good.
But it is usually so in a relationship that one is always right.
And that other is the partner.
Make there something from together !!!!!!!


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen

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