UA-33449711-5 When we give it All with Our Heart, the Universe will Reward us with Cares. - Jan Jansen

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When we give it All with Our Heart, the Universe will Reward us with Cares.

When we give it All with Our Heart, the Universe will Reward us with Cares


The worst thing in life is when we can no longer do things voluntarily and are forced.
When we are forced to do something which is against our mind , we will never be able to experience the joy.
But if we can complete something with our character and inner soul that will give us inspiration, we will be happy to do this one hundred percent .
The education has huge influence on our attitudes and behavior towards others with a better understanding in a relationship.
Therefore our compassionate and understanding of different living situations will be simpler.
Concerned about others first and not just put ourselves in the priority is very important to make things easier and to accept it in a society.
Be Optimistic and positive at every new beginning is very important to our state of mind and the experience we get later can adapt it into our attitude.
Helping others will always be rewarded especially when we get ourselves into trouble, because everyone is facing the same life events.
Never forget that “What Goes Around Comes Around”, life is given to us by nature but our living style can be changeable.
When we show love and concern from our hearts to others, those good deeds will come back to us through the world of nature.
We must try to endure all the bad and unscrupulousness experiences with a positive thoughts to find for the best solutions.
Ignore those people who want just want to take something from us or used us, because in the end they will be muffled on losing their chance to exploit our good character.
It’s all in their genes, and that will never be changed, so do not bother too change them, because they will only give bad impression for their fellow man.
The universe is bigger than our imagination, and everyone will get what is really belong to them, the bad people will eventually be punished for their actions.
Say goodbye to the evil so that is when there is an opportunity to make it better, we will be rewarded with care.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - When we give it All with Our Heart, the Universe will Reward us with Cares

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  • Posted: April 19, 2014 17:13

    Titien Susianto

    No man is Perfect. Education, Knowledge and Religion are only handcuff behavior. Do the best according to your heart. Do not have to change the Character and forced. Its Good and Bad something depending on the Intentions. thank you for share Wonderful Poem Sir
  • Posted: April 19, 2014 17:14

    Olga Ozerova's one of your best posts dear Jan Jansen!!!! make or force someone to do sth!!!..oh...every person is an absolutely free personality...Good morning my dear!!!...Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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