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Why would you be different.

Why would you be different.


Is it so difficult for yourself to stay.
And you have to do better.
There really will not change as a picture to do it.
A picture can not talk or write and just let yourself see it.
The truth is behind and who has no doubts.
You will agree that one day should show the whole globe.
They will fade in and store stampedes.
The photo that was displayed gives a big difference.
You must agree to the bare buttocks.
Why these beautiful words and beautiful pictures.
The truth has come and now need your passport to show.
Because the rules go changing for the person in private to show.
The picture that everyone will see now give a different thinking.
Why is there so much difference.
That will not bring friends or who do not want to see this.
They give points and you will get at least for sure not a ten.


In a real friendship is not about appearance.
But inner strength.
You own this show you just give more power.
Who would ever have imagined.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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